Local Groups with a Twist

There are so many different local groups for a particular game that it makes it difficult to find other local gamers. Finding a local group can be its own challenge on traditional social media platforms since they are designed to help you find other groups that have simmilar interests, not that are near you.

Vox Link is uniquely designed to help you find groups near you where you can share painting tips and progress, look for community announcements, and discus the finer points of how the sky is falling this time in you favorite game.


All groups have a location attached to them, so if you want to make a Seattle Warhammer group, that group will be suggested to other Warhammer gamers in Seattle and not to Legion gamers in Dallas. You don't need to have an invite link from a friend to even find the group, you don't need to know what the local legion is called, you'll just be able to browse local groups as if it was a local bulletin board. When you set up your account and in your profile settings, you can select what games you play and what your interests are. That's how you make sure we suggest the correct groups to you.

And of course, you will still have to be let in to a group by an admin or moderator just the same as normal.


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